Our story

The Company

The Company – Salumificio Cascina Ca'dell'Ora is located in Malagnino, a small town near Cremona, in the heart of the Po Valley Territory, it’s strong ties with the territory has always been one of its main factors.
Our strengths are the presence of the best pig farms available in the area, the ancient charcuterie tradition passed on from our fields and the environmental microclimatic characteristics which enhance aging

Salumificio Cascina Ca'dell'Ora cured pork meat and cold cuts factory has been producing its cured meats and cold cuts for well over 30 years, characterized by an elevated regularity in the quality, genuineness and characteristic and inimitable flavor of its products.
Also owing to high quality service, precision and care in carrying out orders, timing and punctuality of delivery, Salumificio Cascina Ca'dell'Ora products have been able to penetrate the market and earn the trust of important customers and consumers alike. Ever more informed and demanding and on the search of food specialties that are both genuine and tasty.